Kulma is a fusion of two agencies: packaging design agency Remes & Packart and the multi-disciplinary design and visual communications studio Thing. Both agencies have years of experience and an extensive client portfolio of both domestic and international clients.

What do we do?

We design. To be more specific: we design how brands are seen in various environments and platforms. Most of our work consists of designs for POS environments, packaging and spaces, but naturally we are more than willing to expand our solutions beyond the norm.

Our design principles

We base our work on three principles: intuition meets insight, built-in sustainability and never-ending curiosity. Based on these principles we create brand experiences that expand beyond the limits of media, technology or space.

Intuition meets insight

No design is functional without insight to back it and support the decisions. Thus, we always base our design decisions on current phenomena, data and insights.

Built-in sustainability

We love to experiment with new, sustainable materials and we want to take functionality to the next level. Our goal is to create design that has value, for both environment and the end-user.

Never-ending curiosity

We believe in the power of being passionately curious. To be able to provide the best possible solutions for our clients we keep on learning and focus on current topics on the design industry.

We are part of Heku Group.

Heku Group is specialized in planning and production of different marketing communications activities. Heku Group currently employs 89 advertising and marketing professionals. Part of Heku Group are also Heku, the pioneer of traditional advertising, film and video production company Drama and Barabra, a digital agency with a creative focus. In addition, Heku Group has its own photography studio.


Our team

Lena Hietikko

Project Manager

Tuomo Longi

Designer / Partner

Miska Seppänen


Peter Kaitila


Taru Varre


Mika Lahtinen


Emma Ruuskanen

Production AD