Packaging design | Graphic Design

We were honoured to redesign the packaging for Saarioinen cold cuts product range. The design was inspired by the struggles of everyday life and the main goal was to make a functional yet elegant package – a modern classic that portrays the product in the best possible light.


Branding | Visual identity | Implementation | Packaging design

Kulma has executed several projects with Teboil. Latest project with Teboil covered the visual identity for Teboil’s new Drive+ 99E5 petrol. In addition, Kulma renewed the visual identity of Teboil petrol stations. Teboil’s Shop & Deli stations and take away products were also given a facelift.


Art Direction | Spatial Design | Graphic Design | Illustration | Mural Art
Berlin 2014

Microsoft released Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 smartphones, smart accessories, platform updates and applications at exclusive event held in Berlin.We were happy to design the event with Tapaus Oy and also lovingly handpainted an 13 meters wide graffiti in the photography area to serve as a backdrop for the launch.

S Group

Art Direction | Graphic Design | Concept Design
2018 – 2019

We were honored to be part of modernizing S Group’s employer branding. Focus was on four different target groups and the goal was to embrace the meaningful encounters of one’s life. The campaign focused on one main film, four additional career path films and relevant print and digital campaigns. The Campaign was designed and produced with Heku, Drama and Barabra.


Concept Design | Package Design | Graphic Design

Intersport needed to refresh their mail order packages and we were happy to help. We created a concept and designed the packages where the Intersport logo playfully wraps around the package and works as an eye-cathing and interesting element that can be easily recognized.


Packaging design

In professional kitchens quality and functionality matter. Fredman’s kitchen equipment are celebrated amongst the professionals and we got to design packaging to match the product inside.

Pictures: Fredman Professional Kitchen


Packaging design | Graphic design

Package design for Valio, the biggest dairy business in Finland. We got to design a new packaging for Valio Oivariini, a spread that is well-known and loved by Finns. Now the Oivariini package is more delicious than ever.


Packaging design

Kulma designed a 100 % recyclable PET bottle range for Altia. The main goal was to create a bottle range that is light, durable and suitable for various brands.


Concept Design | Art Direction | Graphic Design |

Genelec approached us because they needed a fresh take on their largest to date tour. The brief was to create a visual concept around their chosen theme “Genelec Moments”. This project was executed with Drama: four different scenes that portrayed the different moments with Genelec products. The tour graphics – huge mosaic pictures – were composed of the images received from the fans of Genelec, paying homage to the real moments Genelec is proud to be a part of. Campaign was designed and produced with Drama.


Furniture Design | POS Design | Industrial Design | Brand Design

Starbucks® Introduced a selection of their Ground Coffee line in The Nordic markets and approached us to get help designing the In -Store visibility elements.
We designed and produced a line of solutions that includes shelf end solution and modular mid- shelf element.


Graphic design

Kulma got to design the label and overall graphics for Altia’s new Juicy Drops product. Juicy Drops’ target group and natural ingredients were taken into account during the design process.


Packaging design | Branding

From traditional to modern – we got to redesign the packaging of Transmeri’s iconic Lemon Juice & Glycerine skin care product line. The original design was modernized with care and the new illustrations draw from the brand’s origin giving it a modern touch.


Graphic design | Industrial design | Concept design | POS
2008, 2015, 2016

Kulma has worked closely with Meira for several years. Design projects have included for example graphic design, industrial design, concept design and packaging design for various Meira product ranges, e.g. Chili series, spices and nuts.